Choctaw chief boosts campaign with outside consultants

Incumbent Mississippi Choctaw Chief Phillip Martin has brought in a group of outside consultants in hopes of winning re-election.

Martin, who is seeking an eighth term, usually has no trouble getting votes. But he came in second in a June 12 election, prompting a run-off set for Tuesday.

Shortly after the disappointing result, Martin ramped up his campaign. "We had hired a whole new set of people from Jackson - they're calling themselves lobbyists - to lead this runoff election and it kind of ... it insulted me," campaign volunteer Robin Francis told The Jackson Clarion-Ledger.

Phillip Martin of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians. Photo: NASA
"Chief just showed me right now and it really broke my heart ... He doesn't have any confidence in us. He doesn't have any confidence that we can do anything other than be followers," she added.

Martin's campaign staff points out that Beasley Denson, who won the most votes in the June 12 election, also hired consultants. Denson has made Indian preference, accountability and change the main points of his campaign.

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