Navajo Nation Council won't hear from Democrats

The Navajo Nation Council usually clamors for attention from politicians but delegates at this year's summer session don't want to hear from two Democratic candidates.

The council voted 30-40 against hearing from Mary Kim Titla, a member of the San Carlos Apache Tribe and journalist, and Howard Shanker, an attorney who represented the Navajo Nation and other tribes in a sacred site case. Titla and Shankar are seeking the Democratic nomination for Arizona's 1st Congressional district.

"We have Renzi," The Gallup Independent overheard one delegate muttering. But Rep. Rick Renzi (R) is under federal investigation and could lose his seat in 2008.

After the motion to hear from the two candidates was denied, another motion was made to hear from Shanker about the San Francisco Peaks lawsuit. But that was rejected by a 28-47 vote.

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Council refuses to hear politicos (The Gallup Independent 7/17)
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