Interim US Attorney promoted to top DOJ spot

Craig S. Morford, an interim U.S. attorney in Tennessee, has been named acting deputy attorney general, the second-highest ranking position at the Department of Justice.

Morford replaces Paul J. McNulty, who announced his resignation amid the scandal over the firings of several federal prosecutors. Of the eight who were ousted, five represented states with significant Indian Country.

All five were prominent members of DOJ's Native American Issues Subcommittee. Its chair, U.S. Attorney Margaret Chiara of Western Michigan, was among those who were ousted.

Chiara's predecessor in the post was U.S. Attorney Tom Heffelfinger of Minnesota. He was targeted for removal because he spent "too much time" on Indian issues, a former DOJ aide told Congress.

Morford's position requires Senate confirmation.

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Morford Named To No. 2 Spot At Justice Dept. (The Washington Post 7/19)
Tennessean Is Selected for No. 2 Job at Justice (The New York Times 7/19)
Press Release: Justice Department Announces New Acting Deputy Attorney General (DOJ 7/18)

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