Probe of Sen. Stevens involves Interior earmark

The FBI and the Interior Department's Inspector General are investigating a $1.6 million earmark secured by Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), whose home was raided on Monday.

The Interior appropriations earmark went to the Alaska SeaLife Center, a nonprofit organization. The center used $550,000 to buy property from a business partner of Stevens's son, a former state senator who has been implicated in another corruption probe.

Stevens is also facing scrutiny over work done at his Alaska home. FBI and IRS agents searched the home and took pictures of the exterior. An energy services company whose executives have pleaded guilty to bribery and fraud arranged for the work but Stevens has said he paid every bill sent to him.

Stevens is the longest-serving member of the Senate and one of its most powerful. A watchdog group called on him to step down from his post on the Appropriations Committee.

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