Opinion: Misconceptions about American Indians

"Last week, I read nearly 100 posts to the Asheville Citizen Times Web site in response to a story about housing in Cherokee. I was shockingly amused by some posts and dismayed by others. There were the usual stereotypical musings like “too many chiefs, not enough Indians.” There is also the assumption that the federal government “gives” us money.

As I read the posts one thing became obvious: those who deride us do so with the stereotypes they have grown accustomed to in their experience as the average American.

What has happened in the last 10 years is that we have gained control of our destiny and have the resources to make the improvements we feel are necessary. Unfortunately, we, like other minorities, must face racists’ attitudes when we work to improve ourselves, and we continually face the challenge of educating people about our lives."

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Lynne Harlan: Misconceptions about Cherokee need clearing up (The Asheville Citizen-Times 8/3)

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