Catholic church mum on bishop's injuries

The Catholic Church in Gallup, New Mexico, has restricted media access after The Gallup Independent reported doubts about the cause of injuries suffered by Bishop Donald E. Pelotte, the first Native bishop.

The Diocese of Gallup only plans to release information about Pelotte, who is Abenaki from Maine, on its website. Deacon Timoteo Lujan, who raised questions about the way Pelotte was injured, won't be allowed to speak the media directly.

It was Lujan discovered Pelotte on July 23. He told the Independent that he thought Pelotte might have been assaulted. A police report also raised that possibility. But Pelotte has said he accidentally fell in his home....

" We have a deep respect for what Pelotte has been able to accomplish here in Gallup but the events surrounding his injuries demand that everyone involved in this be forthcoming. The truth needs to be told," the paper said in an editorial.

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