Opinion: Don't miss 'Prez on the Rez' Dem debate

"What do you get when you put 150 Native American leaders in a room to have at it with the three Dem Presidential candidates that are too radical for prime time, and throw in Chairman of the Democratic Party, the rebel yeller himself, Howard Dean? The most head banging peyote trip ever? Maybe not, but on August 23 you can catch it streaming live on www.prezontherez.org at 3:30 pm PST (5:30 pm Central). If you see one Presidential debate all year, catch this puppy!

Guaranteed, these three candidates, Governor Bill Richardson (NM), Congressman Dennis Kucinich (OH), and former Senator Mike Gravel (AK) are the ones that seem to have left their spin doctors at the door, and shock and awe nearly every time they open their mouths. They are usually brushed off by the mainstream media for the more big buck candidates and the retread sound bites of the purported duking it out by Hillary and Obama at the other debates, so this is a rare opportunity to hear some genuinely fresh and fearless voices hash it out. And the other ‘silent’ America, the Native Americans, get some long overdue quality time too. I don’t recommend missing it, and we will be there to report to you.

All the Democratic candidates were invited. Rumors were floating that Union conflicts with the casino hosting the event was the reason the big 3 candidates declined, but that panned out to be just a convenient excuse."

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June Caldwell: Native Americans: Honored or Snubbed by Dems? (The American Chronicle 8/22)

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Prez on the Rez - http://www.prezontherez.org
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