Column: Indigenous nations speak with one voice

"At the invitation of Evelyn Jefferson, chairwoman of the Lummi Indian Nation, about 40 indigenous nations met to discuss a proposed treaty that would establish a United League of Indigenous Nations.

After two days of negotiation, 11 nations, including Lummi, Makah and Colville, reached agreement and authorized their delegate to sign the treaty on Aug. 1.

The treaty was developed by the National Congress of American Indians Special Committee on Indigenous Nations Relationships, which met over the past three years with the Assembly of First Nations of Canada, the Ngati Awa Tribe and the Mataatua Assembly of Aotearoa (New Zealand) and the Ngarrindjeri Nation of South Australia as well as numerous tribal officials across the U.S.

Intended to serve as a framework agreement through which indigenous nations will create a political alliance and pledge to support one another in pursuit of common goals, the treaty is implemented through the creation of a United League of Indigenous Nations.

Why did the delegates assembled at Lummi act to create a Treaty of Indigenous Nations now? "Because the time is right" was a sentiment expressed in the strongest terms by all the delegates at Lummi."

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