Winnebago player a hit among New York Yankee fans

With his strong pitching skills, Joba Chamberlain has made a name for himself as a rookie for the New York Yankees.

But just how do you say the 21-year-old Winnebago tribal member's name? Some people pronounce it "JOE-buh" but it's actually "JAH-buh."

Fans, though, aren't confused. When Chamberlain is called to the mound, they start chanting "Jah-buh! Jah-buh! Jah-buh!"

"I've had lots of tingles and some tears, lately," his father, Harlan Chamberlain, tells USA Today. "That's a pretty neat thing when you think about it. It's pretty special that 54,000 people would embrace him the way they did."

In just three weeks of play, Chamberlain has pitched 10 scoreless innings, allowing four hits and three walks while striking out 17. His fastballs have been clocked as high as 100 mph.

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