Editorial: Salmon recovery should be top priority

"It's well-known that replacing culverts is important for salmon recovery. It should not have taken a successful lawsuit by 20 tribes to get the state to act on this concern.

We're delighted that negotiations are under way to make it so. This comes at a time when substantial infrastructure spending must occur for state roads and bridges. But with careful planning, we can do both. The Legislature needs to find the money because this is a significant part of the state's infrastructure deficit.

Fish need cold, clear water that flows naturally. In some cases, that means controlling the stream's flow, in other cases creation of resting ponds. Other streams must have sediment or other obstacles removed. The point is that the comprehensive approach to salmon recovery is overdue. Culverts block about 750 miles of streams in Western Washington."

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Salmon Recovery: A priority now (The Seattle Post-Intelligencer 9/4)

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US v. Washington (August 22, 2007)

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