Opinion: Pit River government in shambles

"Nepotism, lack of policy development, lack of internal controls, conflicts of interest, lack of limits on Tribal Council consecutive office terms, strategic disenrollments of entire family voting blocks and mismanagement of government grants are but only a few of the problems that exist within the Pit River Tribal Nation’s government.

When a Tribal member attempts to unseat a council representative by running for office, the council calls the election illegal and fraudulent and files a “dispute” and or recalls the entire election. The greatest problem faced by the Pit River people is the complete and utter lack of enforcement of fair rules by the tribal officials because the council has not developed a structure by which to fairly enforce tribal laws.

The Pit River people have struggled to increase democracy within the tribe only to be silenced by the Tribal Council. The tribal people showed up in record numbers to cast their votes at the elections to implement change only to be obstructed by accusations of “cheating.” The tribal people have protested in front of the tribal office to show their dissatisfaction with tribal affairs only to be labeled “dissidents.” The tribal people have held general membership meetings only to be charged with allegations of meeting and congregating for “illegal” and “treasonous“ purposes."

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Lori Arellano: Pit River Tribe badly needs to develop a just government (The Redding Record-Searchlight 9/23)

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