Editorial: Another Columbus Day parade upon us

"In many cities, such as New York and Philadelphia, the annual Columbus Day parade is cause for celebration. Unfortunately, in Colorado, the birthplace of the Columbus Day holiday, it has been marred for years by protests, tensions and verbal sparring.

We hope — and we know this sounds overly optimistic — that Saturday's parade can proceed without being spoiled by controversy and strife. So far, it's not off to a promising start.

The American Indian Movement of Colorado, which opposes the parade as a "symbol of racism," issued a vitriolic press release last week that was threatening in tone and suggested a confrontation with parade supporters. It branded the Italian-Americans who celebrate their culture and long history in Colorado that day as "racists" — a vile and unnecessary attack.

"If these racists, including those in the local and state governments, think they are going to celebrate the genocide against Native peoples in our homeland for another 100 years, they are mistaken," said Colorado AIM spokesman Glenn Morris. "We will see the racists in the streets on Oct. 6."

Italian-Americans, and anyone who supports the Columbus Day holiday — a federal holiday for more than a generation — have the right to parade, peacefully, through our city streets.

The parade must go forward, but without violence."

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Editorial: Columbus tensions anew (The Denver Post 10/1)

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