Column: AIM outdoes itself on Columbus Day again

"Each year, it seems, the American Indian Movement outdoes itself in its reaction to the Denver Columbus Day Parade. This year, so far, has been no exception. In a series of brazen announcements, AIM and its twin organization, the Transform Columbus Day Alliance (TCD), have openly threatened to "end" the parade this year.

AIM and the TCD continue to issue inflammatory and sometimes conflicting statements that exhibit a fundamental misunderstanding of the American legal system. For example, they point out that the state legislature this year refused an opportunity to end Columbus Day as a state holiday. They note that the day remains a federal holiday. In the very next sentence, the two groups simply declare that 100 years of the holiday is "enough."

So which is it? Is it a holiday endorsed by the state and federal government or one that must be ended regardless of what the law says? Why bother lobbying the legislature if you already possess the power to override it?

It is clear that when it comes to AIM's hatred of the Columbus Day Parade, the law doesn't much matter. The parade protesters are planning to converge on downtown Denver in a show of force before the parade on Oct. 6. However, when asked if they had applied for parade permits, they grandly announced that no permits were necessary because "we are on native land.""

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Al Knight: AIM's aim: to bully (The Denver Post 10/3)

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