Opinion: Get rid of offensive Indian mascots

"Now that teams like the Cleveland Indians and Washington Redskins are winning again its time to rethink this subject. we all need to be reminded that we are our brothers keepers and we should help each other.

After 50 years, Native American Indians are still fighting the fight to get American Professional Sports teams to change their names or at least respect the names they have chosen for their teams. African Americans should be supporting our Native American brothers and sisters in this historic effort.

The Braves, Chiefs, Indians, Redskins, and Warriors are the five professional teams with generic Native American names, names that mean little or nothing to the average American man, woman, or child.

Now is the time to ask: America, how would Americans feel if some of the professional teams had names like, THE DENVER DARKIES, OR HOUSTON HONKIES, CHICAGO CHINKS maybe THE NEWARK NIGGERS, or even WASHINGTON STATE WHITE BOYS?

Does not sound favorable, does it?

That is the same effect the name of the NFL's Washington Redskins on most Native Americans; Redskin is not a kind word and the media uses it in a very detrimental and demeaning way."

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Gary Norris Gary: Change The Names Please!!! (Black Athlete 10/17)

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