Editorial: Little Shell recognition overdue

"Sunday's story about the Little Shell Tribe's battle for federal recognition essentially could have been written 100 years ago. For this tribe, enough really is enough.

Although the greatest number of tribal members live in the Great Falls region, more than 200 are long-time Helena-area residents. They aren't looking for a reservation, but they desperately need the education and health programs and other rights and benefits that federal recognition would bring.

According to historian Nicholas Vrooman, interim director of the Helena Indian Alliance, the ancestors of the tribe lost their status when they refused to sign a treaty in 1892. That was a very different world, but ever since that time the outcome of their attempts to gain federal recognition have remained depressingly the same."

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Editorial: Tribe recognition way overdue (The Helena Independent Record 10/18)

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Little Shell Tribe - http://www.littleshelltribe.com
Montana Office of Indian Affairs - http://tribalnations.mt.gov

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