Cherokee Chief: Tribes are not special interests

"As the Principal Chief of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, I felt compelled to respond to the recent disturbing press release issued by Asheville Councilman Carl Mumpower belittling our Nation as a special-interest group.

Mumpower would not be the first American politician advocating for the destruction of our tribe and for the dissolution of our rights to exist as a distinct Nation.

Many advocate for our demise out of ignorance about our historic government-to-government relationship with the United States.

First and foremost our Nation existed in this land long before Europeans and then Euro-Americans sought to establish themselves as sovereigns.

Our people peacefully sought diplomatic relations with the governments of England and France long before there was an American government, and so it was that the new United States recognized our right to continue to exist as a distinct Nation.

This sovereign right was established nearly 200 years ago, not just with the rise of our ability to legally operate a gaming enterprise.

We will fight until the bitter end to maintain and defend our sovereignty, no matter what the circumstance."

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