Mike Graham: Hollywood ignores Native talent

"Have you watched a movie release lately starring a Native American actor as the main character? How about one cast in a supporting roll? The answer is, most likely not. For whatever reason, Hollywood seems to make it a point of not casting Native Americans in movies to include television network shows.

Over past decades it has become very noticeable that Native Americans are missing from the Hollywood entertainment industries big screen. They’re saying, how many Geronimo movies do they want us to make? Casting companies have pretty much locked themselves into having one White man, one White Woman, one Black man and one Gay oriented character in the line up of all movies. Hollywood sees nothing wrong with that, all the while knowingly turning its back on Native American actors.

It would seem that Hollywood is engaged in social engineering of our visual and mental outlook of the world through their present limited casting line up. In my younger days it was the Lone Ranger and Tonto, and a host of White men dressed up like Indians; today it's Mel Gibson and Danny Glover followed by a host of Black men side kick's to White men actors. Hollywood has always had a problem portraying Indians as the good guys.

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Mike Graham: 'Hollywood Casting Call' Native Americans need not apply (The American Chronicle 10/22)

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