Column: Rush Limbaugh demonizes Yup'ik teen

"The latest target for demonizing by right-wing talk radio is an 18-year-old Yup'ik Eskimo woman who traveled to Washington, D.C., this month to tell what global warming is doing to her remote home village of St. Michael, Alaska.

Charlee Lockwood spoke of how moose have moved north, berry patches produce less fruit and the catch is declining at her family's fish camp. "Our culture will die because everyone will have to move someplace and there will be no one to teach them," she told a House panel.

Over about 600 radio stations last week, however, talk-radio king Rush Limbaugh declared that Lockwood's testimony made him "really want to puke. I just want to throw up."

"It's the Democrats exploiting a young child, ladies and gentlemen, for the advancement of a political issue that will grow the size of government and increase their control over everyone," Limbaugh declared.

Rush, you falsifying, pill-popping gasbag!"

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Joel Connelly: Rush demeans Eskimo teenager (The Seattle Post-Intelligencer 11/14)

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