Letters: Support for Michigan treaty rights deal

Readers of The Detroit News support a treaty rights settlement between the state of Michigan and five tribes.

Alex Hess: "In my opinion it is important that we honor the Native Americans because this originally is their land."

saac C. Griffin: "The land is a Native American reservation and it should remain that way."

Garrison Warr: "Even though 171 years have passed, it does not mean that these sports fishermen and the charter boat operators have the right to break the treaty that was made with the Indians, and do what they please with property which does not belong to them."

Mike Stankiewicz: "Instead of bossing around the Native Americans even more, I feel we should respect the fact that their ancestors lived on this ground for many years before the white man came along."

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Indians deserve support in fishing dispute (The Detroit News 11/20)

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