Editorial: Mechoopda Tribe preserves heritage

"A community's history is often nothing more than a dusty collection of books and artifacts packed behind glass in a museum. Or perhaps it's reflected in the names of streets and places, named for our ancestors.

While both scenarios are true in Chico, we also have another part of our history that is very alive and very active.

Before Chico, this was the land of the Mechoopda.

Telling that story has become a significant contribution of today's tribe, which is very much a participant in today's world.

This contribution was evident last week, when tribe members invited the community on a walk of local historic sites. Members of the tribe shared the stories of these places, and helped us understand not only our history but theirs as well.

It's important to know these sites, not only to be aware of the history, but to be respectful. And it's fascinating as this information is passed from family to family.

Today's Mechoopda continue to pass on this information, not only to their children but to the community as a whole.

Their interaction with the community revives their stories, but also helps us understand and appreciate their culture — both that of the past and the present."

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Editorial: Mechoopda keep past in present (The Chico Enterprise-Record 11/20)

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