Opinion: European arrival a holocaust to Natives

"From the indigenous perspective, European arrival was a holocaust, complete with genocide, property theft, cultural destruction and slavery. Few of us were left to speak for ourselves due to outright butchery and criminalization of traditions, languages, and ceremonies. For us this American Myth of Pocahontas and peaceful settlement of our home by Europeans and later others is a horrific lie. We need you to hear us and care that this myth, if we really are "regular" Americans, shouldn't still be a part of our commonly held beliefs as a culture.

In the early 20th century performances of "blackface" minstrel shows where white actors pretend to be black present stereotypical depictions of American Blacks. At the time it was considered harmless fun, and Al Jolson, is still remembered for performances to packed audiences. Today, however, we would be shocked to see one as it is no longer an appropriate myth to share in common, as it only celebrates the pain of "regular" Americans who happen to be Black.

Just as you wouldn't march in a Nazi parade celebrating racial purity and denying the Jewish Holocaust, please recognize that this is literally the same thing to our people, near extinction perpetrated from the standpoint of a group that considered itself morally and physically superior in a planned fashion. Being based on Disney is no excuse. The mythical lie is evil, and while those who repeat it because they are misinformed are not evil themselves, we ask that you take a step forward and actively reach out to us in a spirit of common caring and friendship."

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Annette DeBrotherton: Media misrepresents indigenous people (The Orion 11/28)

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