McKosato: Reservations are hot tourist attractions

"It's the part of America that most of America never has wanted to talk about and, generally speaking, knows absolutely nothing about — the Indian reservation. In New Mexico, this does not necessarily hold true, but most reservations were seen as remote country; islands nobody wanted to use, much less set foot on.

But, oh brother, where have you been? Reservations are becoming some of the hottest tourist attractions in the U.S. and Native people are inviting visitors to their homelands like never before. Not only do folks from the states visit, but also foreign visitors who are seeking a taste of American culture that has nothing to do with baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, or Chevrolets.

Today, Indian tribes have built plush resorts and offer first-rate, one-stop destination travel packages that are the equal of any vacation experience in the country. But if you want the real deal, an authentic experience with Native Americans, you have to make your way off the beaten path."

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Harlan McKosato: Rez travel is different, off beaten path (The Santa Fe New Mexican 12/2)

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