Editorial: Healthy politics for the Puyallup Tribe

"When you do democracy, dissent, criticism and competitive politics come with the territory. The Puyallup Tribe of Indians has been seeing more political ferment in the last couple years – and that’s a healthy thing for any nation.

Credit Robert Satiacum Jr. and a friend, Mark Celletti, for launching the unofficial news site, puyalluptribalnews.com, that has become a rallying point for tribe members unhappy with one thing or another about their government.

As reported by The News Tribune’s Rob Carson on Sunday, the four-year-old Web site has helped create a cultural-activist coalition, Full Circle, and elect two upstart candidates to the Puyallup Tribal Council. The victories of David Bean in 2006 and James Miles this year amounted to a major shakeup of a council long-dominated by a handful of leaders.

This isn’t a story of good guys vs. bad guys; it’s a story of people with conflicting ideas about tribal policies. The “old guard” – one tribal councilman, Bill Sterud, has served since 1979 – can point to some extraordinary achievements."

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