Editorial: Scrutinize Seminole Tribe's spending

"Good governance benefits everyone. Bad governance costs everyone.

The principle sticks no matter whether it is a municipality, a county, the state or federal government — or even the Seminole Tribe of Florida. U.S. taxpayers and Florida residents have a stake in the way money is appropriated by the tribe, much as the tribe has a stake in decisions made by its neighboring communities.

A South Florida Sun-Sentinel investigation has uncovered questionable governmental practices by the Seminole Tribal Council, which oversees the tribe's 3,320 members. The findings require a thorough investigation, and ought to cause Gov. Charlie Crist and Florida lawmakers to review the recently signed compact between the state and the tribe.

Despite their sovereign nation status, however, the Seminole Tribal Council is not above scrutiny any more than other public and private officials in South Florida. And, so, it is necessary that the appropriate authorities thoroughly investigate the Sun-Sentinel'sfindings.

Moreover, Congress, including South Florida's representatives, must push to ensure that the U.S. government agencies responsible for overseeing Native American affairs, including the National Indian Gaming Commission, have the staffing and necessary regulations to properly meet their supervisory obligations. And it is necessary for state officials, including Gov. Crist, to take a second look at the gambling compact signed with the Seminoles to determine whether there are adequate safeguards for the state's interest."

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