Yosemite accused of excluding Paiute history

The leader of an unrecognized Paiute tribe says Yosemite National Park is wrongly excluding his people from historical displays.

David Andrews, the chairman of the Yosemite Mono Lake Paiute Tribe, wants the park to give a more prominent role to Paiutes. He says the park is favoring the Southern Sierra Miwok Tribe, also unrecognized.

Andrews says "What they are teaching little Johnny is false. I find it offensive," Andrews told The Fresno Bee.

Park spokesman Scott Gediman said Yosemite will change any inaccurate displays. But he indicated the Paiutes haven't made their case.

According to Andrews, the park's exclusion will hurt his tribe's chances for federal recognition. He says the Miwok's inclusion will help the Miwok tribe.

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Identity of Yosemite Indians sought in the mists of history (The Fresno Bee 1/11)

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