Mark Trahant: Announcing my last regular column

"This year I hope to write less. And more.

The "less" part is this column. I've been writing a regular column for most of the past 15 years. But because of changes in technology -- and the way we reach readers -- I find less time to report and think about what to say for a Sunday essay. I'll still write a column on occasion, but this is the last regular one.

Last year I wrote about the changing nature of my job as more and more readers shift to the Web. A big part of that change is managing the interactive nature of the medium.

Let me open the veil and reveal the daily editorial process.

Early in the morning one Editorial Board member -- most often me -- writes the Virtual Editorial Board for the Web. That blog starts by commenting on an interesting story or two from the newspaper, the germ of an idea that will be debated later by members of the Editorial Board at our daily morning meeting. I then look through the comments from editorials and highlight comments from readers. If a reader posts a comment about an editorial, it will be read (and often considered in the discussion). Some days readers post comments on the VEB before our meeting -- more ideas to toss into the mix.

On Monday I figured Lisa Stiffler's story in the P-I on urban forests would be a topic for our meeting. A link was posted on the VEB with a few paragraphs."

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Mark Trahant: Interactivity informs our opinions (The Seattle Post-Intelligencer 1/13)

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