Editorial: No uranium mining near Grand Canyon

"There is no place more sacred to Arizonans than the Grand Canyon.

However, it is at risk.

A British mining company is about to begin exploratory drilling for toxic, radioactive uranium in Kaibab National Forest just outside the eco-fragile boundaries of Grand Canyon National Park.

Uranium mining has been linked to high levels of cancer and areas of radioactivity on the Navajo Reservation. The tribe has banned it. The various mining techniques used all risk contaminating the groundwater aquifer or surface water.

The river running through all of this is, of course, the Colorado, the mother of all rivers for the West and a primary source of water for tens of millions of Americans."

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Editorial: Mining near Grand Canyon a radioactive idea (The Arizona Daily Star 2/21)

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Kaibab National Forest - http://www.fs.fed.us/r3/kai

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