Letter: Blackfeet families living in faulty homes

"On the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana, more than 150 families have been living with and breathing in toxic mold for nearly 30 years. The residents of Glacier Homes are trapped in unhealthy and substandard, federally funded homes that were built using chemically treated wood foundations, now banned by the EPA. This HUD-mandated design was inappropriate to the moist climate and high water tables of the region, causing damage, including toxic mold growth.

Toxic mold causes headaches, nosebleeds, sinusitis and respiratory ailments, including childhood asthma. Residents report further problems such as kidney failure, cancer and weakened immune systems, believed to be caused by the unhealthy conditions of their homes.

Some residents felt their only choice was to turn to the courts for a solution. The case has been in federal appeals court and appears destined for the U.S. Supreme Court, further impeding any timely relief."

Get the Story:
Jennifer Hill-Hart: Blackfeet families living in faulty federal homes (The Billings Gazette 2/29)

Another Story:
Indian lawmakers call for federal help with houses (AP 2/29)

Court Decision:
Marceau v. Blackfeet Housing Authority (July 21, 2006)

Case Documents:
Marceau v. Blackfeet Housing Authority (NCAI-NARF Tribal Supreme Court Project)

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