Navajos concerned about Utah trust legislation

Members and leaders of the Navajo Nation are concerned about legislation in Utah that would end the state's role as trustee of Navajo oil and gas royalties.

The state has been managing the trust under an act of Congress. Due to allegations of mismanagement, lawmakers want to relinquish the role.

But some Navajos are worried that handing trust duties to the Navajo Utah Commission, a tribal entity, would not resolve their complaints. Navajo President Joe Shirley Jr. also opposes the legislation, one lawmaker said.

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Bill would end state's role as tribe trustee (The Salt Lake Tribune 3/4)

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Amendments Related to Monies Derived from Navajo Nation Reservation Lands in Utah (HB 352) | Encouraging Congressional Action to Designate a New Recipient of Royalties from Navajo Reservation Lands in Utah (HCR 4)

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