Opinion: No victory in taking back 'Sioux' name

"Some believe that taking back the Fighting Sioux nickname, which was given to UND by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in 1969, will result in a victory against racism, as if a logo is going to affect a racist person’s behavior. We have no control of these people’s thoughts and actions; removing the logo will not change their view of Indians. To chastise UND for the antics of an opposing team and the bigots among the general population is fruitless: No good will come from it, and more important, nothing will change.

In reality, if we take back the Sioux name and logo that we gave to UND, we are taking a piece of the university community and North Dakota’s adopted culture, heritage and identity. Sound familiar?

When our culture and identity were threatened, we retaliated and kept those ill feelings for more than a century. Some still are seeking vengeance through this logo. Eventually, one of our cultures has to say enough is enough and start trying to improve our social environment.

The Standing Rock tribe should initiate this process. What more honorable act could we commit? I’d rather we be remembered for staying true to our pledges and uniting our two cultures than for causing further division."

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Steve Fool Bear: Sioux: Embrace culture (The Grand Forks Herald 3/23)

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