Sen. Obama welcomes Kalyn Free's endorsement

Sen. Barack Obama (D-Illinois) picked up another superdelegate endorsement in his bid to win the Democratic Party's nomination for president.

Obama said he was "proud" to have the support of Kalyn Free, a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. She is the second Indian superdelegate and the fourth Oklahoma superdelegate to back Obama.

Free, the founder of INDN's List, an organization that aims to put more Indian Democrats in public office, said she supports Obama due to his stance on tribal issues. "I am proud Barack Obama is committed to our unique issues and willing to tackle our toughest problems, from historical inequities and injustices to contemporary issues, like protection of our right to tribal self-determination, access to health care for our elders, and education for our children," she said.

Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-New York) are battling for Democratic votes in North Carolina and Indiana today.

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