Letter: A solution to Cherokee Freedmen issue

"Since the Cherokee freedmen controversy has been making headlines and Cherokee Principal Chief Chad Smith and others who support disenfranchising the freedmen keep saying, “It’s a tribe’s right to say who its members are,” I have decided to make a suggestion to the thinblood majority of Cherokee tribal members.

As you know, a person must be one-quarter Cherokee or more to join the United Keetowah Band of Cherokees, and the Keetowah Band requires any member of the Cherokee Nation to relinquish their membership and blue voter card when they join the UKB.

Why don’t all of the thinblood Cherokees reverse this old rule? Why not sign a petition and have the tribal membership vote on it? The new rule would be that anyone over one-quarter Cherokee cannot be a member. If they are one-quarter the only choice they would have to be enrolled in a tribe would be to join the Keetowah Band."

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Steve Osburn: Here’s a way to deal with the freedmen issue (The Muskogee Phoenix 5/8)

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