Sen. Clinton interview with South Dakota paper
The Sioux Falls Argus Leader publishes its interview with presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-New York), who brings her presidential campaign to the Pine Ridge Reservation today.

Clinton addresses Indian and other South Dakota issues in the interview. The following are excerpts:
EB: What would a Clinton presidency mean for Native Americans? Not just in South Dakota, but across the country.

CLINTON: Well, I'd like to build on the steps that we took during the '90s. They were not enough in terms of the results, but they were a beginning.

But it is very troubling to me that the poorest people in America are the first Americans. You look at conditions on many of the reservations, it's a rebuke to all of us, Democrats, Republicans, every administration going back hundreds of years. I have put forth a very broad agenda to try to deal with the problems in Indian country ranging from some very specific new investments, not only in the existing services like the Indian Health Services, but in new approaches in dealing with some of the specific needs, like the rise of diabetes which is such a ravaging disease and is now affecting increasing numbers of children and young people in Indian country. I also believe that we will benefit the Native Americans if we have universal health care.

So we need both the general policy changes like universal health care, but we need the specific targeted relief. Then, I guess, more than that, I think a president can bring real attention in a sustained way to what's going on in Indian country. I don't think most Americans know that. I think here in South Dakota, you have a much clearer idea.

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