Suquamish Chair: Clarifying position on boardwalk
"The Suquamish Tribe is committed to positive relationships with all people and governments of the Puget Sound. These relationships require a fair and open exchange of information. That's why it is important to set the record straight on the current discussion regarding the proposed Bremerton boardwalk extension project.

The Kitsap Sun story, "Suquamish Tribe Opposes Proposed Bremerton Boardwalk Extension" seems misleading on several counts.

First, the article suggests the city only recently learned of the Tribe's concerns. In fact, we have been engaged in discussions with the city for two years and have been clear that we oppose the boardwalk extension in its current scope. At the city's request, the Tribe sent a letter to city officials in January 2008 detailing its concerns.

Second, the Tribe supports two of the three components of the Bremerton boardwalk project. We support the cleanup of the former Chevron bulk fuel storage site next to Evergreen Park and the replacement of the beach sewer main. We suppoort the Chevron storage cleanup because it will restore critical nearshore habitat, which is a key aspect of the State's Puget Sound Cleanup Initiative. The Tribe works with various agencies and jurisdictions on similar projects to improve the health of Puget Sound and ensure a clean Puget Sound for future generations."

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