Outdoors: Hunting on the Rosebud Reservation

"You know its cold when the snow squeaks under your boots. That was the case last week as Gary Howey, Ben Bearshield and I climbed the ridge in the pre-dawn darkness.

Deer were everywhere. Both whitetail and mulies. We made a second set and when Ben howled as a prelude to the rabbit cries we had coyotes answering all around us. But they would not come in.

Howey was filming a show for his Outdoorsmen Adventures television program which airs throughout the upper Midwest. He would run the camera the first day and I would take it over the second day. It's something we've done a lot of over the past 10 years. Ben is a conservation officer for the Rosebud Sioux Tribe and we have hunted coyotes and prairie dogs with him in the past.

On the Rosebud, non-tribal members are required to have a registered tribal member guide to hunt tribal lands. Information about hunting on the reservation is available on the internet at: www.rstgfp.net.

The reservation is one of the premier prairie dog hunting destinations in the country. An annual nonresident license is $50 and also allows you to hunt coyotes and other game designated as varmints."

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Larry Myhre,: Coyotes don't come easy on the Rosebud (The Sioux City Journal 1/7)

$rl Rosebud Sioux Tribe Game, Fish and Parks Department - http://www.rstgfp.net