Editorial: Winners and losers in Oklahoma tobacco
"STATE Treasurer Scott Meacham said he sees a new tobacco compact with the Comanche Nation as "sort of a win-win.” He's right about that.

Under the compact, the Comanches will pay the state 66.5 cents in taxes for each pack of cigarettes the tribe sells. That's 20 cents per pack less than what's being paid by many tribes with compacts already in place. Those tribes are sure to switch to the better deal, as they're allowed to do.

Tribes without a compact are required to pay 77 cents per pack. They're likely to approve of the Comanche rate as well. No doubt Meacham is hoping the Creek Nation will. That tribe has been haggling with him for years over the tobacco tax, while letting cigarettes taxed at the lowest rate (6 cents per pack) be sold outside of regions in the state where that is allowed.

The wrongful sale of smokes with 6-cent tax stamps, particularly widespread in the Tulsa area, has cost the state millions of dollars that otherwise would be going to health initiatives. Reducing the number of low-tax cigarettes on the market is a good thing."

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