Southern Ute Tribe downplays financial adviser's role

The Southern Ute Tribe of Colorado says its former financial adviser who is the subject of a fraud lawsuit might have exaggerated his record.

The tribe hired John Jurrius as the first director of its Southern Ute Growth Fund. But he was not responsible for the tribe's financial success, according to a statement provided to The Durango Herald.

"He also assisted the tribe in establishing comprehensive banking relationships and in identifying several investment opportunities," the tribe said. "The building blocks for the tribe's success, however, had been established long before John Jurrius entered the scene."

After he left the Southern Utes, Jurrius worked for the Northern Ute Tribe Tribe in Utah. A lawsuit accuses him breach of contract and fraud over millions of dollars of economic development and energy matters.

Jurrius has refuted the claims. He now runs a company that is seeking other tribal clients.

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