Judge blocks Muckleshoots from Duwamish case
A judge won't let the Muckleshoot Tribe intervene in the federal recognition lawsuit filed by the Duwamish Tribe.

The two Washington tribes have long been at odds over the status of the Duwamish. The Muckleshoots say they are the successors to the historic Duwamish nation and wanted to intervene to protect their treaty rights.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs in January 2001 agreed to recognize the Duwamish, over the objections of the Muckleshoot. The decision was reversed by the reversed by the Bush administration in September 2001.

The Duwamish hope the lawsuit will lead to a reversal of the decision.

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Muckleshoot cannot legally oppose Duwamish recognition bid (The Seattle Post-Intelligencer 10/8)

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