Editorial: Hold Seneca Nation accountable on taxes
"If any individual or group decided to disrupt traffic on a public highway in New York state, they would be dealt with in accordance with laws.

That’s exactly what should happen if the Seneca Indian Nation attempts to collect tolls on the New York State Thruway in western New York.

Last week, the Senecas said they are preparing to collect tolls on sections of the Thruway that run through reservation land to protest the state’s plans to tax cigarettes destined for their discount smokeshops. Seneca Nation President Barry Snyder Sr. said he is mobilizing an emergency response team of military veterans to protect Seneca land and wants the federal government to send in the military to protect its sovereign territory.

This is nonsense. Collecting the tax is supported by the U.S. Supreme Court. It ruled in 1994 that New York state could collect taxes on tobacco and gasoline sold by Native Americans to non-Indians. Unfortunately, past governors haven’t had the courage to do it."

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Our view: State can’t renege on tobacco tax (The Utica Observer Dispatch 1/20)

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