Opinion: Geronimo not a hero to all Apache people
"A group of peaceful Apache family was camping and harvesting wild banana at a place they call “Igaye-bilshi-go-tel” (Yucca flat) somewhere across the Gila River from Bylas. Unfortunately they never came home. They were massacred. Dead babies, children, women and men dead bodies were scattered surrounding where the bonfire was when they were discovered.

It was Geronimo and his group that massacred a peaceful defenseless Apache family. There are so many such stories about Geronimo senseless killing. It was because of his killing spree and became too dangerous he was hunted down. As told by my great grandfather who served as Apache Scout.

One incident, Geronimo saw a beautiful married woman one day and he wanted that woman and the following morning the womans husband was found dead, his throat was slash. And Geronimo got the beautiful woman he wanted.

Can you call this senseless killing was done under a different time and circumstances and call Geronimo a hero?

If Geronimo was such a great leader and has wisdom why does he have to kill innocent and defenseless peaceful Apaches that are not a threat to him?"

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