Cuthand: Learn from Obama's Indian outreach
"We are living in a time of profound change. Native Americans are gaining access to public policy and the levers of power.

On one hand, they want social change such as improved living conditions, health services and education, just like we want in Canada. On the other hand, some tribes have acquired wealth through natural resources, gaming and business development. They are no longer on the sidelines. They are players in the economy.

This is where Canada's First Nations have to grow. Our place in the economy is marginal at present. We need to create wealth and be participants in the Canadian economy.

Our federal and provincial governments have to get on board and start treating our leaders and our treaties with the respect they deserve.

We need to have strengthened lines of communication and consultation among our three governments, First Nations should be involved in areas of public policy where it affects us.

We need to see more of our people get involved in politics and seek public office."

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Doug Cuthand: Obama's inclusive approach lesson for Canada (The Saskatoon Star Phoenix 1/23)