Opinions: Still more debate on 'Fighting Sioux' nick
Keith Becker: "As a UND alumnus who bleeds green, I have taken part in discussions about the Fighting Sioux logo for more than 15 years. I have gained a great respect for how UND selected, and fans continue to use, the nickname as a tribute to American Indians and their great strength in battle.

But I also have listened as people I care about shared how they feel belittled having a team named after their people. I even have written Bill Goetz, chancellor of the North Dakota higher education system, offering to serve on any commissions or round-table discussions about the issue, hoping to offer a clear head and warm heart to create a win-win solution to the debate."

Carol Davis: "I have heard the word “referendum” used several times in reference to resolving this issue. But when tribes are forced into holding a referendum to resolve a university issue, who pays for the election?

The tribes are being forced to spend their limited resources to resolve an issue that the North Dakota University System can resolve by listening to what the tribal governments have already said."

Dustin Lang: "Deciding on a new nickname so soon after dropping “Sioux” would create hard feelings for everyone who cares about the matter (which, based on the sheer volume of letters-to-the-editor over the past few years, is a lot of people), with the exception of the one person or group whose idea for a new nickname gets chosen.

Once the legal aspects of the matter have been finished up, UND can concentrate on the things it needs to focus on — things such as seeking admittance to a Division I athletic conference and recruiting, both athletically and scholarly."

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