Editorial: Information elusive in Navajo shooting
"The Daily Times often asks that the Navajo Nation be held accountable for releasing information to the pubic.

This time however, the week-old fatal shooting of a 25-year-old man by Navajo Tribal Police has community leaders and family members joining us in asking whether the lethal action was necessary and wondering why information on the case is not been public.

Arnold Dan Jr. was killed in his car outside his home early Monday morning after tribal police pursued the man around the Shiprock area for nearly 40 minutes at speeds exceeding 90 mph, according to the FBI.

FBI investigators initially described the incident as a violent confrontation between Dan and three officers, alleging Dan attempted to accelerate his vehicle toward an officer on foot.

But family members say the fatal shot to the head was unjustified.

Witnesses of the incident said the vehicle was stopped outside the family home and surrounded by police when a single officer fired as many as 10 shots at the truck."

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