Letter: Racism alive in border town in New Mexico
"While in Farmington, my two boys, ages 8 and 18, and I went to a local sporting goods store to look at baseball equipment. I haven't been in this store in 20 years. We were quickly greeted by a salesperson who asked if we needed help. Unfortunately, he never stopped watching us, even when other white patrons entered the store. Everywhere we went he followed us; he was never more than a few feet from us. My wife came into the store and left because she felt uncomfortable being watched so closely. If you doubt me, please ask to see the security videos.

I have never felt so humiliated in my life. What's wrong with Farmington, if my family and I can't walk through a store without being watched like a bunch of petty thieves? Almost every member of my family has served in every American war since World War II. I am an honorable man. My kids are honorable children. Why are we watched like a bunch of thieves?"

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Kevin Bernally: Farmington behind the times in race relations (The Farmington Daily Times 1/28)