Editorial: Apologize to Seneca Nation over taxes

"Gov. David Paterson has been an Albany insider long enough to have learned this lesson from other governors: Leave the Senecas alone.

To generate more tax revenue in one of the most taxed states in the U.S., Paterson signed a law that requires wholesalers who supply Indian smokeshops to certify they are in compliance with state tax laws. This means taxing cigarette sales to non-Indian customers.

This law isn’t the answer.

During the latest legal round, State Supreme Court Justice Rose Sconiers extended a temporary restraining order she imposed Dec. 24.

It’s likely the state will appeal, according to Assistant Attorney General Darren Longo.

Instead, what the New York lawmakers should do is repeal the law.

That’s right ... forfeit the revenue, strike it from the books and look at other ways to run New York more efficiently without raising taxes.

Oh ... and an apology to the Native American community wouldn’t hurt either."

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EDITORIAL: Let’s leave Senecas alone (The Niagara Gazette 2/1)

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