Opinions: Even more debate on 'Fighting Sioux' nick
Pamela End of Horn: "Let us find a mascot that bridges the American Indian way of life, beliefs and culture with the respect and honor UND wants to give. Let us find a symbol that does both of those things while doing justice to the university’s motto, Lux et Lex (Light and Law).

The current nickname and logo do not best serve UND and the American Indian population. The “Fighting Sioux” nickname and logo was founded on a rivalry with the North Dakota State University. NDSU’s moniker is the “Bison,” and the nickname “Fighting Sioux” came about because the Sioux kill the bison. "

Gary Redman: "I don’t know what the Sioux nation is thinking.

What will happen to the Sioux name after UND stops using it? I believe it will be found in the history books and be forgotten as soon as the students take the history test.

I think the Seminoles nation knew this and embraced Florida State University’s use of their name as well as their logo — which, by the way, is very much like UND’s."

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Pamela End of Horn: Pick name that best serves UND, Indians (The Grand Forks Herald 2/1)
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