Column: Salazar reviews scandal-ridden Interior
"Announcing a criminal review this week of the sex-drugs-oil scandal at a federal agency in Lakewood may be one of the easiest calls Ken Salazar gets to make as Interior secretary.

After all, the sordid details were outrageous, corrupt and at least borderline criminal. The potential for losses to taxpayers was addressed but never definitively answered.

The Bush-Cheney Justice Department declined to bring charges against two managers the inspector general recommended be prosecuted. The IG, Earl Devaney, even told a congressional committee in September, "I would have liked a more aggressive approach, and I would have liked to have seen some other people prosecuted here."

With Salazar and his new chief of staff, Tom Strickland, I'm guessing Devaney will get his wish. Salazar, Colorado's attorney general before being elected U.S. senator four years ago, spent time with the Rocky's editorial board Thursday afternoon. Strickland, former U.S. attorney for Colorado, accompanied him. Prior to visiting us, they held a news conference at the federal center, calling for a fresh look at the scandal. He also announced a new code of ethics for Interior employees."

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Rob Reuteman: Criminal review of scandal-ridden agency an easy call for Salazar (The Denver Rocky Mountain News 1/31)

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