Letter: Don't let Duwamish Tribe go unrecognized
"Imagine my surprise last week, when I thought I was just going to see a film about Chief Seattle's (Si'at) granddaughter, Princess Angeline, only to leave knowing our City of Seattle, the State of Washington and our Federal Government consider the Duwamish Tribe - extinct.

The Duwamish Tribe has just finished building a beautiful new Longhouse! They are 500+ strong; they are NOT EXTINCT!

James Rasmussen tells the story so eloquently - the history of the Duwamish Tribe, who were forced to move from ancestral lands, whose rivers were either dredged or flooded to further move out those who could live on the (once) fertile lands that include all of Puget Sound and East to Lake Sammamish. Just think of the greater Metropolitan Puget Sound: Everett to Des Moines, all of Puget Sound, Lake Union, Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish were all under Chief (Si'at) Seattle's reign.

The film about Princess Angeline was heartbreaking. We have all heard the stories of her begging at Pike Place Market when she could no longer make baskets or "souvenirs".

Seattle. Please write the Governor, President Obama, and every representative you have voted for. This is how we can correct this 'mistake'."

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Vicki Pardee: Duwamish not extinct (The West Seattle Herald 2/2)

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