Editorial: Consider Indian judges in South Dakota
"Gov. Mike Rounds is on target by using qualification as the prime standard for judicial nominations. However, the governor also must be vigilant so that standard alone doesn't become a de facto escape clause keeping South Dakota from making substantial change.

For South Dakota, a state where more than 8 percent of its population in Native American, that means the place for us to start is encouraging a higher percentage of Native Americans to consider entering the legal field.

And the state's law school can't carry the torch alone, either. The state's bar association needs to be a proactive force as well as other Native American grass-roots groups that hold heavy influence over young people.

Will it be hard? Certainly.

But without this kind of concerted, long-term effort to bring more Native Americans into the legal field, the impact on the state's judi- ciary means that it'll remain almost all white for years to come.

And that's not acceptable."

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