Marc Simmons: Archaeologist unearthed Pueblo life
"In the Museum of New Mexico's photo archives is an extraordinary image of the members of the 1910 archaeological field school taken at their camp by the ruins in Frijoles Canyon, now Bandelier National Monument.

In the picture are 10 stalwart young men, several of whom would gain fame as first-rate archaeologists. Shown with them is Dr. Edgar L. Hewett, head of training for the field school and the museum's newly appointed director.

Standing to one side of the men in their work clothes are two hawkish-faced young women, dressed incongruously in Victorian style white blouses and floor-length skirts.

The pair are Miss Maud Woy of Denver and Miss Barbara Freire-Marreco of Oxford, England. They, too, had signed on to learn the basics of archaeological investigation."

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Female archaeologist unearthed pueblo culture (The Santa Fe New Mexican 2/14)

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